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9 sublime ways to make oats your preferred go-to breakfast!

Think oats are boring and tasteless? think again.

Oats are filled with fibers and nutrients, especially if you opt for the coarsely rolled types and stay away from the instant variants.

Oats are packed with vitamins and minerals and contains nutritional components, such as beta-glucans, a water-soluble fiber thought to be involved in the reduction of cardiovascular disease risk, type 2 diabetes mellitus, gastrointestinal disorders and cancer (When eating a minimum of 3 g per day – equivalent to 95 g or 3.35 oz oats.

And it doesn’t end here.

For satiety, evidence suggests that when water is boiled into a dish, as with porridge, it affects appetite positively – keeping us full for longer due to the increased volume.

Overall porridge is a cheap yet nutritious and filling dish, that can be paired with other foods to add flavor, volume, and texture.

The below recipes will make your mouth water and I can personally vouch for each one. Eating porridge has become part of my own personal daily routine, yet I´m never bored with it.

I hope you love these oat variations as much as I do – Each portion might need to be tweaked a little to fit your specific taste – depending on the size of your basis porridge.

Enjoy 🙂


1 basic portion of porridge (1 person)

1 part oats – coarsely rolled
3-4 parts water
pinch of salt

Use between 60-80 grams (~1/4- 1/3 cup) of oats depending on your appetite and nutritional needs. Add all ingredients to a pot and cook for 3-4 minutes on medium heat. Stir while cooking.
Alternatively, add ingredients to a large bowl and cook for 3 minutes in the microwave at maximum heat.



  1. Go nuts 4 seeds

    1 portion of porridge
    2 tbsp. mixed seeds (try chia, linseed, sunflower, and/or pumpkinseed)
    10-15 almonds
    sprinkle of sweetener or 1-2 tsp of honey (optional)
    1 tbsp. butter

Add seeds while the porridge is still cooking. Remove from heat and add butter. Allow butter to partly melt and stir in gently. Chop almonds and use for decorations.
If you feel like going all in, almonds can be slightly roasted to give them a great “nutty” flavor – matching the porridge beautifully.

Add a sprinkle of your favorite sweetener or a teaspoon or two of honey.


  1. Rye power:

    1 portion of porridge – however, take half of the oats and replace with rye flakes
    1 tbsp. butter
    1 large handful of blueberries
    1 tsp. sweetener or honey (optional)

Cook porridge with 50/50 oats and rye. When done, add butter while warm or lukewarm, and sprinkle blueberries and sweetener/honey on top.


  1. Protein supremacy

    1 portion of porridge
    15-20 g of your favorite protein powder (I recommend the fruity kinds, like strawberry, tropical or raspberry, I find that chocolate etc. makes the porridge taste funny)
    1-2 egg whites (1 whole egg can be used instead).
    1 handful berries of your choice

Cook porridge with egg whites – remove from heat and add in protein powder – stir well until powder is completely dissolved. Top with your favorite berries.


  1. Go green

    1 portion of porridge
    1-2 tsp. of freeze-dried sea buckthorn, spirulina or aronia (also known as chokeberry)
    1 large handful of strawberries, blueberries or cherries
    1 tsp. sweetener or honey

After the porridge has been cooked, mix in the freeze-dried powder and berries. Sprinkle sweetener or honey on top.

The powder might make the porridge slightly bitter, so I always recommend pairing it with a sweet combo, such as berries on top or mixed in.


  1. Cinnamon fun

    1 portion of porridge
    2 tbsp. raisins (or dates/prunes cut into tiny pieces)
    1-2 tbsp. butter
    1 tbsp. ground cinnamon
    1 pinch of vanilla (pure or vanilla sugar)

Add raisins/prunes/dates, vanilla, and cinnamon to the porridge while cooking. Remove from heat and top with butter – Allow butter to partly melt before serving.



  1. Exotic vibes

    1 portion of porridge
    2 tbsp. coconut oil
    1 tbsp. jam or gel made from passion fruit (or choose a jam of your favorite)
    4 tbsp. Greek-style yogurt (2% or 10% of your choice)

Cook porridge. Remove from heat and mix in coconut oil. Top with jam and Greek-style yogurt.



  1. Bananarama

    1 portion of porridge
    1 large ripe banana
    1 egg
    10-15 almonds, coarsely chopped

Mash and add 1 banana and 1 egg to the porridge while still cooking. Stir well until the egg is completely dissolved. Remove from heat and gently stir in chopped almonds.

The consistency should be smooth and creamy. if too much of coagulated egg can be seen (the little white stringy pieces), you can try letting the porridge cool slightly more the next time, before adding the egg – by removing the porridge from the heat and then stir in the egg.


  1. Overnight delight

    60-80 g (~1/4- 1/3 cup) coarsely rolled oats
    2 tbsp. mixed seeds (like chia, linseed, sunflower- and pumpkinseed)
    1 tsp. cinnamon
    1 pinch of salt
    1 grated apple
    1-2 tsp. honey or your favorite sweetener (optional)

On the night before eating, mix oats, salt, seeds, grated apple, and cinnamon in a bowl. Cover with water (just to level) and leave in the fridge overnight. Before eating top with sweetener or honey.


  1. Strawberries and cream

    1 portion of porridge
    60 g (2 ounces) of strawberries (fresh or frozen)
    2 tbsp. (1 ounce) of full fat cream
    1-2 tsp. honey or your favorite sweetener

Cook porridge. Remove from heat and add cream. Stir gently. Top with fresh strawberries (when using frozen strawberries, add those to the porridge while cooking). Top with honey or sweetener.


(photo credit: Unsplash)