Do you want to reach your perfect weight and stay there?

Let me help you!

No weight loss´s too big or too small, your own goals are all that matters.
I work from a no-BSnon-fanatic, body-positive approach.
My methods spring from evidence-based nutritionweight loss & appetite regulation data, mixed with more than 10 years of experience in the field.

I would love to help you get motivatedreach your goal weight and make healthier lifestyle choices.

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About Me

I´m Rie and I´m behind Dietpusher.
I´m a Copenhagen based Nutritionist, Food Enthusiast, and Nutrition Writer.

I´m inspired by Nordic & European foods, with an international twist – so basically all advice can be applied to diets all over the world.

Dealing with PCOS I´ve had to work hard my entire life to stay at a healthy weight that fits me.
Also, I absolutely DESPISE boring, bland food, and I want to share with you, how you too, can reach and maintain a perfect weight, without having to compromise and settle for dull, non-satisfactory foods, that don´t keep you full.


My own background

I have a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition From the University of Copenhagen, with a Professional Bachelor in Dietetics and Health. I studied Behavioral Changes in Health, and Sports Nutrition at Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

And most importantly, I know the long physical and mental journey it can be, achieving a healthy, toned, & strong body.


Are you ready to commit?

I´m here for you, and I´m looking forward to helping you with your weight loss journey.

Stay awesome.